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Joint Venture in China — Guangdong Midea CUCHEN Consumer Ltd. (GMC)

Guangdong Midea CUCHEN Consumer Ltd. (GMC)

In May 2016, a joint venture GMC was established in Foshan, Guangzhou, China, through a partnership between CUCHEN and the leading appliance manufacturer, Midea Group.
GMC has a specialized team of research and development professionals, along with advanced production lines, to innovate and mass-produce top-quality products. GMC produces and supplies various kitchen appliances, including pressure rice cookers, non-pressure rice cookers, and induction cooktops, for CUCHEN. Additionally, GMC manages the domestic sales of Korean-made IH pressure rice cookers in China.

Key Manufactured Products

Heating Plate Pressure Rice Cooker (CRS-FWK10/06 SERIES)

Dual-pressure system with high and low modes for a variety of rice flavors Equipped with 10 popular menus
(White rice, mixed grains, frozen rice, pot rice with vegetables, steamed dishes, slow cooking, sous-vide, etc.)
Easy-open handle feature A premium minimal design developed in 2023

Heating Plate Pressure Rice Cooker (CJS-FC10/06 SERIES)

Refined white rice flavor (sticky, medium-cooked, regular) Detachable Clean Cover Diverse rice cooking and recipe options
(Porridge, steamed dishes, etc.)
Automatic Cleaning Function

Compact Non-Pressure Rice Cooker (CJS-CD06/03 SERIES)

Incorporating menus for white rice, mixed grains, and baby food options Detachable Clean Cover Quick Cook, Keep warm, Preset functions Automatic Cleaning Function