CUCHEN’s Business China Sales Corporation

CUCHEN is striving to introduce a new culture and innovation in the Chinese kitchen appliance market.

China Sales Corporation

We are dedicated to engaging in meaningful conversations with our local customers in China, ensuring that we don’t miss every little detail that matters to them.
The innovative premium products from CUCHEN, combining a rich history and technological expertise, are now available in China.
CUCHEN is available through major department stores in the three Northeastern provinces as well as nationwide distribution networks.
Additionally, you can conveniently find our products through online channels such as and T Mall.
We are also in the process of preparing for entry into Costco.

Main sales channels

Shenzhen Bells Department Store
Shenzhen Shengjing Daolai Department Store
Dalian McKale Head Office
※ Distributed on such as JD, T Mall, Shundian Store, Tiktok Live, and the social network Xiaohongshu