CUCHEN is a premium kitchen appliance brand that delivers a reliable experience to our customers, rooted in quality and design values true to the essential functionalities.


Through “smart” technology,
we bring you an elevated level of convenience.


Through “stylish” and sophisticated design,
we deliver tasteful elegance in any space.


Through a consistently “reliable” customer experience,
we provide values centered around safety and well-being.
To bring you the value of a healthy and delicious meal,
the essence of an elegant kitchen space,
and the guarantee of a consistently reliable experience,
CUCHEN is dedicated to ongoing research and development,
always pushing boundaries.
CUCHEN aims to deliver a brand experience you can trust,
offering elevated convenience through smart technology and stylish, sophisticated design.
CUCHEN, short for Culture of Kitchen, represents a premium home appliance brand at the forefront of Korea's kitchen culture, capturing the true essence and emotions of the Korean people.
CUCHEN, a lifestyle home appliance brand that accompanies customers in their everyday lives, leads the forefront of the premium lifestyle culture. We are a customer-centered, future-oriented brand dedicated to creating and presenting unique values in both life and home.
CUCHEN Text Labelling Guidelines When CUCHEN is used as a form of text without combining the design essence, the following standards must be satisfied.
English: CUCHEN When using CUCHEN in plain text without incorporating the design essence, the standards below must be followed.
Korean: 쿠첸 The Korean logotype, embodying CUCHEN's distinctive visual characteristics and symbolism, plays a crucial role in delivering a consistent image across various media. It is not recommended for standalone use, and when Korean text is necessary, utilizing the signature type combined with the logo mark is advisable.
The color scheme of CUCHEN uses Gray, representing a sophisticated urban style, and Orange, known to stimulate appetite while symbolizing joy and happiness. This color combination reflects the expertise and distinctiveness of CUCHEN as a brand specializing in kitchen appliances. The combination mark is a visual representation of the joy in the kitchen and everyday happiness. It conveys these sentiments through the harmonious integration of five key elements: humanity, care, ingredients, tools, and technology, all depicted in a vibrant shade of orange.