About Our Brand Customer-Centered Management (CCM)

Having customers at our top priority, CUCHEN has achieved the industry's first ever 5 consecutive CCM certifications.
Consumer-Centered Management (CCM)
certification assesses if a company organizes all its activities from a consumer perspective, consistently improves relevant management practices.
Voice of the Customer (VOC)
LSP Leadership ㅣ System ㅣ Performance
Increasing Customer Benefits, Advocating for Customer Rights
  • 공정거래위원회
    Certification Authority
  • 한국소비자원
    Operating Authority
CUCHEN, as a certified CCM company, stands as a trusted brand for both customers and businesses.


Customers can receive information guiding their selection of products and services and expect a swift and reasonable resolution through the CCM system in case of any issues with certified companies.
2017 ~ 2018

Launched the company-wide CCM campaign (“The answer is in the field”)

Developed and implemented a specialized service system (CSP)

Introduced internal and external CCM activities (CCM promotion at service centers, internal trivia event)

Expanded CCM management performance indexes Newly established center evaluation indexes

Achieved the 3rd CCM certification


Awareness of consumer rights among the CEO and employees can be heightened, and competitiveness, both internally and externally, can be strengthened by constantly improving the quality of products and services from a consumer perspective.
2019 ~ 2020

Promoted a CCM organizational culture (Flexible work schedules, remote work option)

Implemented internal staff’s capabilities empowerment training

Expanded customer feedback channels

Restructured the CCM operation task force

Achieved the 4th CCM certification


CCM certification contributes to spreading a culture of co-prosperity between businesses and consumers by reducing social costs incurred through post-dispute resolution and administrative measures, while also creating a customer-centered market
2021 ~ 2022

Practiced social responsibilities (Voluntary recall)

Conducted company-wide campaign (Walking campaign, CCM promotional event)

Improved customer satisfaction strategies (Unmanned reception bots, video consultation)

Standardized customer service for improved efficiency

Achieved the 5th CCM certification
CCM Certification Status

Customer-Centered Management (CCM) Certificate (Korean)

Customer-Centered Management (CCM) Certificate (English)

CCM Recognition Award from The Korea Fair Trade Commission