About Our Brand Management Philosophies and Mission

CUCHEN operates under three core management philosophies: customer-centered, communication-based, and smart management. With a creative and innovative mindset, we strive to provide consumers with top-notch products and services. Beyond that, we actively engage with society, fostering continuous development.


Delivering exceptional service with the customer as the top priority
Actively collecting customer feedback and
making customer satisfaction our paramount concern


Solid team cohesion for highest value creation
Achieving mutual growth and co-prosperity through
communication with society


Cultivating a creative and innovative mindset
Securing future competitiveness by establishing
a smart work environment
Right thoughts and actions
challenge and passion
trust and respect –
these are the essential attitudes that
every member of CUCHEN must embrace
Principles and Standards
Cleanliness and Honesty
Right Thoughts and Transparent Management
We strive to achieve an honest and positive organizational culture through right thoughts and actions.

We maintain a clean organizational culture through right thoughts and actions.

We value the company's assets and operate with integrity.

We create a trustworthy organizational atmosphere, free from lying and dishonesty.

Passion and Creativity
Challenge-Driven Innovation
We pursue the highest values through challenge and passion.

We strive diligently and do our best until the end.

We consistently embrace new challenges and stay focused on future growth potential.

We overcome current obstacles and put in our utmost effort for a better company.

Trust and Respect
Collaborative mindset
Mutual growth and Co-prosperity
We unite through trust and respect, fostering a collaborative mindset as a unified community.

We value and take pride in each other's work, respecting it with appreciation.

We keep a collaborative mindset rooted in mutual trust.

Customers, shareholders, employees, and partner companies collectively create a shared vision.

Our mission at CUCHEN is to "gift every home with a joyful kitchen.”
  • Bringing More Convenience and Abundance Into Our Customers’ Lives
  • Leading the Global Kitchen Appliance Market
  • Contributing to Society and Pursuing Sustainable Growth
Customer-Centered Management We precisely understand customer
needs, providing products and services
to fulfill them
Technology Innovation We integrate cutting-edge technology
with trendy design to elevate our
customers' lives, bringing even more
convenience and abundance.
Global Market Expansion We proactively explore both domestic
and international markets, expanding
into a global brand.
Social Responsibility We practice corporate social responsibility
and strive for sustainable growth.