CUCHEN’s Business Domestic Sales

CUCHEN is continuously expanding its points of contact with customers through the expansion of domestic online and offline distribution networks as well as B2B business.

Offline Distribution Sales

CUCHEN's Distribution Sales Team - Taking Customer Satisfaction to the Next Level
CUCHEN's Distribution Sales Team distributes and sells premium kitchen appliances through major offline channels in Korea. By formulating effective sales strategies and engaging in systematic sales management activities, the team achieves customer satisfaction with products and services. Offline distribution sales play a crucial role in driving the company’s growth.

Major Clients

Mass Retailer
Other Channels
CUCHEN display in Lotte Himart
CUCHEN display in Samsung Digital Plaza
CUCHEN display in E-Mart
CUCHEN display in department stores

Online Sales

CHCUEN’s Online Sales Team – Leading the Trend in Online Distribution
CUCHEN’s Online Sales Team operates through various sales channels such as CUCHEN Mall (CHCUEN’s official store), live commerce, open markets, home shopping, and shopping malls to adapt to rapidly changing market trends and meet customer needs. The team is continuously working to enhance the convenience of your purchasing experience by improving the UI and UX on each device's front page and ensuring swift and secure deliveries.

Major Clients

Home Shopping
Official Online Store
Coupang Special Promotion
Home Shopping Network
NAVER Special Promotion
CUCHEN Mall Live Stream

B2B Sales

CUCHEN's B2B Sales Team – Ensuring the Highest Satisfaction for Business and Individual Customers
CUCHEN's B2B business is at the forefront of shaping the smart kitchen appliance trend in Korea. Since the debut of the first electric range in 2013, CUCHEN continues to expand its presence in key B2B channels, such as construction, kitchen, and exclusive distribution. By offering tailored products and services that meet the needs of both business and individual consumers, CUCHEN is dedicated to ensuring the highest satisfaction.
2013 Launched the first-ever hybrid electric range in Korea Initiated B2B business for electric range
2014 First-ever application in the construction industry Expanded into reconstruction/redevelopment market Secured a contract for the Sinbanpo Acroriver Park project
2015 Secured a yearly fixed price contract with Lotte E&C Established exclusive distribution in 30 locations nationwide
2016 Renewed the contract with Lotte E&C
Delivered its products for the Sinbanpo Acroriver Park project
Won an exclusive contract for the Hyundai Livart project
2017 and onwards Secured a yearly fixed price contract for hybrid range