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"Quality of rice shapes the quality of life" - This is CUCHEN's philosophy!
The passionate individuals at CUCHEN pour all their dedication into the pursuit of perfect rice flavor

Exploring the Flavor of Rice! CUCHEN Rice Flavor Research Institute

The ultimate goal of a rice cooker is to make it easy and convenient for everyone to cook delicious rice.

We will always do our best to let you cook the best rice.
At “CUCHEN Rice Flavor Research Institute,” we examine all cases of rice cooker components, such as temperature sensors and heaters, to study and design rice-cooking algorithms that create optimal combinations.
Consisting of rice sommeliers and various researchers, the Rice Flavor Institute collects and analyzes relevant data through rice cooking and heat maintenance tests, controlling the heat amount and cooking time of the cooker to develop the best rice flavor algorithm for each menu.

A Day in the Rice Flavor Research Institute

  • 1. Experiment planning
  • 2. Cooking preparation – Measuring and washing rice
  • 3. Cooking and warming experiment
  • 4. Data collection and analysis
  • 5. Menu-specific algorithm development
    (Control of heating power, cooking time etc.)
  • 6. Achieving the perfectly flavored rice

365 days a year, around 5.3 tons of rice are used to cook 35,000 servings!

The Rice Flavor Research Institute conducts extensive tests to discover the perfect combination for cooking delicious rice and exploring various recipes. Specifically, for testing the new 10-serving rice cooker model, approximately 810,000 g of rice is used, equivalent to about 5,400 servings. This showcases relentless research to achieve the ideal rice flavor for CUCHEN.

The one and only Rice Flavor Research Institute of CUCHEN

[Specialized Research Personnel]
In 2019, CUCHEN made industry history by founding its Rice Flavor Research Institute, equipped with a team of expert researchers holding rice sommelier certifications.
[Specialized Equipment and Technology]
The institute utilizes specialized equipment, including moisture meters and texture analyzers for the analysis of rice conditions.
[CUCHEN's Ongoing Evolution in Perfecting the Flavor of Rice]
CUCHEN annually consumes around 5.3 tons of rice through research and development, emphasizing intuitive menus, customized rice flavors, regional rice specialization, and the introduction of new products.
  • 2016: The 1st Generation Rice Flavor
    Enjoying a variety of rice flavors at home
    Cast iron pot rice Stone pot rice Earthenware pot rice
  • 2019: The 2nd Generation Rice Flavor
    Always savoring the taste of freshly cooked rice
    Frozen rice
  • 2019: The 3rd Generation Rice Flavor
    The essence of delicious rice, so tasty that it's a delight on its own
    NEW Glutinous white rice
  • 2022: The 4th Generation Rice Flavor
    Ultra-pressure, medium-pressure, and non-pressure for various flavors
    Mixed grains Cast iron pot rice properly cooked white rice

CUCHEN Rice Flavor Research Institute develops research-backed rice flavors through academia-industry research collaborations.

[Collaborating with academia and specialized institutions]
Collaborating with experts, we research scientific and nutritional foundations to design CUCHENS's unique rice flavor.
  • [2011: Dankook University]
    Microbiological cause of odor from keep warm function
    Development and application of a heat retention algorithm Analysis of the cause of rice’s sour smell and spoilage
  • [2013: Sunchon National University]
    Study on cooking characteristics by rice variety
    Development and application of a rice cooking algorithm Optimal soaking and heating conditions
  • [2016: Sejong University]
    Establishment of rice palatability indicators based on cooking vessel
    Application of intuitive rice flavor development Cast iron pot rice, earthenware pot rice, stone pot rice
  • [2022: Hanyang University]
    Efficacy verification based on the ratio of mixed grains
    Development of CUCHEN’s research-backed mixed grain ratio Application of the 121 rice cooker

We research the optimal rice flavor for all grains through MOUs with Riceall Nonghyup and Icheon Nonghyup.

  • [Riceall Nonghyup X CUCHEN] MOU
    Utilizing the optimal ratio of mixed grains provided by CUCHEN's Rice Flavor Research Institute, released a special blend of grains exclusive for CUCHEN’s rice cookers, incorporating a guide for cooking both single and mixed varieties.
  • [Icheon Nonghyup X CUCHEN] MOU
    Developed and integrated exclusive menus for CUCHEN rice cookers tailored to the Alchanmi and Haedeulmi rice varieties produced by Icheon Nonghyeop. Additionally, optimized algorithms were developed by identifying the unique characteristics of each rice type.