CUCHEN actively engages in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for global peace and happiness, supporting for the environment and sharing love and hope with our neighbors.
  • [HAPPY BEAN X CUCHEN] GREEN CAMPAIGN Join CUCHEN in our green campaign and discover simple ways to protect the environment in your everyday life for a healthier planet. CUCHEN donates 1% of the payment amount for CUCHEN Brain rice cookers purchased from CUCHEN Mall to environmental organizations through HAPPY BEAN. The donated funds support initiatives such as collecting and purifying ocean garbage, conserving endangered species, creating urban forests, promoting a correct recycling campaign, river purification, and providing environmental education for correct understanding and practice.
  • [Yeoseong Haengbok Nuri X CUCHEN] Yeoseong Haengbok Nuri has established a one-stop welfare system for single teenage mothers to ensure the personal protection and stable living conditions.
    CUCHEN has made donations of kitchen appliances to improve the living conditions within the facilities and homes of these young mothers.
  • [Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities X CUCHEN] Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities is the first private nonprofit foundation in Korea, founded with the vision of building a sustainable community.
    CUCHEN has donated kitchen appliances to improve the convenience and comfort of living environments in disability welfare facilities and households with disabled individuals.
  • [Gangnam Welfare Foundation X CUCHEN] The Gangnam Welfare Foundation is a public nonprofit established through the joint efforts of Gangnam District, its residents, and local businesses.
    CUCHEN has donated kitchen appliances to support underserved communities in Gangnam District, contributing to the building of an inclusive community.
  • [MIRAL Welfare Foundation X CUCHEN] MIRAL Welfare Foundation, granted a special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council, collaborates with local communities.
    CUCHEN has donated kitchen appliances to support underserved communities
    and single-mother households, aiming to create a more convenient home environment.
  • [CUCHEN’s Meal of Love Program] The Meals of Love is CUCHEN’s ongoing CSR program since 2010.
    CUCHEN invites immigrant women from multicultural families, offering them complimentary experiences of Korean dining culture and cooking sessions.