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Transform your kitchen into a stylish haven with CUCHEN's sophisticated designs, making every culinary adventure easy and enjoyable. Experience the joy and pleasure of cooking, sharing moments with your loved ones, with CUCHEN always by your side.
ELECTRIC RICE COOKER Experience a smart kitchen lifestyle with CUCHEN's state-of-the-art appliances, meticulously crafted with unmatched technological expertise
[Optimized algorithm for 5 types of mixed grains and 10 varieties of rice] CUCHEN Rice Flavor Research Institute has developed an optimized algorithm for 5 types of mixed grains and 10 varieties of rice through extensive research. CUCHEN stands as the first company in Korea to integrate smart features into its rice cooker, allowing users to cook based on their preferences and taste, creating the perfect flavor for each rice variety. Menu & Algorithm Features 5 Healthy Mixed Grains
1 Vitality Mixed Grains

Captures waxy and soft texture with prominent texture of glutinous barleyWhite rice (65%), black soybean (20%), peeled mung bean (5%), glutinous foxtail millet (5%), glutinous barley (5%)

2 Slim Mixed Grains

Captures oat’s bouncy and chewy texture White rice (60%), oat (25%), brown rice (5%), unhulled barley (5%), glutinous common millet (5%)

3 Wisdom Mixed Grain

Captures astringent taste of black rice and the nutty flavor and texture of milletWhite rice (70%), glutinous black rice (10%), oat (7%), glutinous foxtail millet (7%), glutinous millet (6%)

4 Robust Mixed Grains

Captures the popping texture of barley grains White rice (70%), rye (15%), black soybean (7%), glutinous foxtail millet (4%), glutinous common millet (4%)

5 Low-Sugar Mixed Grains

Captures the glutinous and sticky texture White rice (60%), brown rice (20%), barley (10%), glutinous millet (5%), glutinous common millet (5%)

10 Rice Varieties
6 Sindongjin

Captures the robust and resilient rice flavor

7 Saecheongmu

Captures the strong rice flavor that doesn’t go stale even when cooled

8 Samgwang

Brings the soft and glutinous rice flavor to life

9 Ilpoombyeo

Captures the robust texture and grainy flavor

10 Chindle

Captures the nutty flavor and glutinous taste

11 Yeonghojinmi

Captures the soft rice flavor that doesn’t go stale

12 Saeilmi

Captures the soft texture and grainy flavor

13 Chamdeurim

Realizes the subtle sweetness and glutinous flavor

14 Odaemi

Captures the properly cooked texture of the rice

15 Alchanmi

Brings the delicate flavor and soft taste to life

[1 rice cooker, 2 automatic pressure technologies] Our rice cooker seamlessly integrates two pressure technologies into one. Simply select your cooking menu, and the cooker automatically switches between high and non-pressure settings, guaranteeing you the perfect rice flavor every time. With a diverse range of menus and the convenience of our dual-pressure system, every meal is a delicious experience.
[First in Korea : Smart IoT Rice Cooker with Triple Variable Pressure] Going beyond Twin, the CUCHEN Triple Rice Cooker controls three different pressures with its two pressure valves.
- 2.1 Ultra-High Pressure : Perfect for achieving softer textured mixed grain or speeding up the cooking process for white rice.
- 1.3 Medium Pressure : Skillfully captures the authentic essence of cast iron pot rice flavor, delivering delicate and chewy rice loaded with nutritional goodness.
- 1.0 Non-Pressure : Effortlessly cook grainy white rice or rice for dishes like kimbap and fried rice without pressure
Moreover, as an industry first in Korea, it seamlessly syncs up with Samsung's IoT solution, Smart Things, providing hassle-free remote control of the appliance from anywhere, anytime.
The app offers a range of services, including recipe downloads, cleaning/packing replacement notifications, and personalized cooking pattern analysis.
[Absolute temperature of 121ºC for the perfect taste of rice and a full stainless STS 316Ti inner pot] CUCHEN has discovered the absolute temperature cooking even mixed grains perfectly without soaking.
The groundbreaking 2.1 ultra-pressure technology in Korea ensures a precise 121ºC temperature, achieving perfectly cooked mixed grains and faster cooking time for white rice. This showcases the exclusive technology that only CUCHEN possesses.
The full stainless power lock system, doubling the locking area of traditional rice cookers, effectively seals the pressure. With the dual pressure support from the internal cover and plate, it ensures a flawless execution of the 2.1 ultra-pressure.
The full stainless 316Ti inner pot is crafted with materials as reliable and safe as those used in medical applications, ensuring robust durability, corrosion resistance, and scratch resilience. Additionally, the incorporation of non-stick technology minimizes the sticking issues traditionally associated with stainless steel inner pots.
[Korea's first application of the heating control IR sensor] Korea’s pioneering Infrared Ray (IR) sensor, equipped with advanced temperature precision technology, flawlessly controls heat and temperature without any blind spots, resulting in the finest rice flavor.
CUCHEN's IR sensor, backed by countless tests and research by rice sommeliers, employs a unique cooking algorithm to evenly distribute and regulate heat across the entire inner pot - an exclusive technology only found in CUCHEN.
  • [Korea’s first rice cooker with the frozen rice feature] Our unique algorithm locks in the moisture, creating the just-cooked rice texture even after thawing.
    When utilizing the frozen rice feature for cooking, the rice has a bouncy texture. Moreover, freezing and thawing the rice cooked with this function preservers the grains’ fluffiness, ensuring a tasty meal.
  • [Korea’s first rice cooker with the auto-lock feature] CUCHEN introduced the auto-lock, a pioneering feature developed for the first time in Korea. Simply close the rice cooker lid, and it automatically transitions into a pressure-locked state without the need to turn the handle.
  • [Korea’s first full-touch color LCD] The groundbreaking full-touch color LCD exclusive rice cooker in Korea features innovative display technology, allowing users to choose from a variety of menus using a touchscreen for enhanced convenience.
  • [Korea's first rice cooker equipped with NFC/Wi-Fi] CUCHEN’s rice cooker allows convenient remote control via smartphone even when you're outdoors.
  • [Korea’s first inner pot with thermal-sprayed premium iron nails] Utilizing the 2000ºC thermal spraying technique, CUCUEN’s rice cooker maximizes heat efficiency, ensuring every grain is uniformly cooked to perfection. Experience the glutinous texture and delicate flavor reminiscent of cast iron pot rice.
ELECTRIC RANGE CUCHEN, after introducing the first-ever hybrid product in Korea, is now at the forefront of the domestic electric range (induction cooktop) market with 100% in-house production. [Quarter Dual Ring Induction] The high-output quarter dual ring induction cooktop, with its powerful dual-ring large burners and a quarter flex zone, guarantees fast and even heating for large cookware. It incorporates IoT control and provides various cooking modes to enhance the cooking experience. The temperature control, using low-output control, accessories, and more, further elevates the completeness of your culinary creations.
[Range Hood Integrated Wide Induction Cooktop] The Horizontal Wide Smart Induction Range, integrated with a range hood, features the first large TFT Touch LCD in Korea for enhanced convenience. It seamlessly integrates and controls the range hood and electric heating switchboard, automatically sensing the cooking environment. Additionally, it incorporates an automated cooking guide that provides various cooking tips and a wide horizontal layout with three burners (900mm wide), enhancing both cooking space and user convenience.
[White Induction Cooktop — THE BLANC] The BLANC 3-burner induction cooktop is a premium product featuring the luxurious EuroKera White Ceramic Glass from the esteemed French brand. Boasting a powerful 3,400W ultra-high heat output, advanced 10-stage heat control, a dual safety lock Child Lock Plus System, and an impressive array of 27 safety features - making it the cooktop with the most safety features in Korea - it ensures both exceptional performance and safety for an elevated cooking experience.
[Single-Burner Slim Induction Cooktop - ULTRA THIN] The Single-Burner ULTRA THIN Induction cooktop, wider and slimmer, boasts a compact 4 cm thickness for easy use anywhere. With a width of 307 mm, it accommodates large cookware, operates quietly at 50 dB, and enhances storage convenience.
[CUCHEN Free Induction (2 Free Zones + 1 Highlight Burner)] The CUCHEN Free Induction is a product that combines 2 free zones and 1 expanded highlight burner. With the free zone configuration that automatically adjusts to the pot size and an extended dual highlight setup, it allows for convenient use with large cookware. Equipped with smart wheel control (Direct Touch + Wheel Touch) and five unique Korean-style chef functions (Heating, Pan, Simmering, Keep Warm, Boiling), it offers advanced functionality.
CUCHEN is leading the market with the introduction of a hybrid range, seamlessly integrating both highlights and induction features into one. Moving forward, we plan to expand our market, not only domestically but also internationally, through continuous development in various electric range products and enhancing competitiveness.
2010 Entered the electric range market
2011 Released the IH RANGE SINGLE BURNER
2013 Released Korea’s first hybrid range product
2016 Released the FREE INDUCTION product
2019 Released the HYBRID RANGE ZERO
2022 Released the white 3 burner-induction cooktop, THE BLANC
2023 Released the 4-Burner FREE ZONE & DUAL INDUCTION with Large Burner
SMALL APPLIANCES CUCHEN offers a diverse range of kitchen/small appliances, including FlexCuc™ All-in-One Multi-Cooker, featuring a combination of IH heating and motor combination technology. The product lineup also includes combination ranges, microwaves, air fryers, humidifiers, blenders, and more. [FlexCuc™] FlexCuc™, the exclusive appliance in Korea with IH precise temperature heating, enables precise control from 37°C to 120°C in 5-degree increments. Incorporating induction, blending, rice cooking, kneading, and stirring functions, it combines exclusive IH precise temperature heating and the SR motor. With 136 Korean recipes and a variety of international cuisines, including Italian, French, Asian, and Dessert options built-in, FlexCuc™ is your all-in-one culinary companion.
  • [Premium Inverter Complex Range] The Premium Inverter Complex Range is a high-power 900W appliance with advanced 5-step output control and uniform heating inverter technology. This flat-type microwave, without a turntable, ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, maximizing interior space. With both microwave and grill functions, it delivers oven-like crispy exteriors and moist interiors in your cooking.
  • [Retro Microwave] The Retro Microwave boasts a concise design accentuated by an aesthetically pleasing wooden handle. With a generous 20L capacity and an easy-clean coating that effectively wards off grease, it provides five power levels and can operate for a maximum of 35 minutes.
  • [All Stainless Ultrasound Humidifier] The fully detachable design ensures easy cleaning and heat sterilization. Crafted with hygienic 304 stainless steel and featuring a spacious 4.5L capacity reservoir, it allows for continuous misting for up to 42 hours.
  • [Mini Air Fryer] The Mini Air Fryer features a hygienic glass construction with a convenient 2L capacity and user-friendly recipe functions. Additionally, it incorporates an internal heating element guard and durable 304 stainless steel grilling components.
  • [Ultra-Speed Power Blender] Featuring 3-Layer blades with 8-layer titanium coating and a unique design placing the blades 5mm off the rotation center, it ensures exceptional deep blending compared to standard blenders. With a generous 1.5L capacity, it swiftly and powerfully crushes tough ice and a variety of ingredients.