Leading the trend in kitchen appliances and aiming to be loved by our customers for top-notch quality,
CUCHEN is ready to become your preferred choice.

Greetings. I am Park Jae-soon, the CEO of CUCHEN, a premium kitchen appliance brand.

Since its establishment in 1976, CUCHEN has consistently introduced high-quality products in line with yearly trends. Going beyond customer satisfaction, we aim to exceed expectations and bring delight to our customers.

In the rapidly changing kitchen appliance market, CUCHEN continuously endeavors to stay ahead. From the 'First triple-variable pressure rice cooker' to the 'First Hybrid microwave,' 'First 2.1 ultra-pressure rice cooker,' and 'First all-in-one multi cooker, FlexCuc™,' we lead market trends with the distinction of being the 'first' in Korea.

CUCHEN extends its efforts beyond satisfying customers by engaging with the younger generation embracing diverse values. We are dedicated to researching and developing product lines that resonate with rapidly changing lifestyles.

With over 40 years of expertise, we aim to lead industry trends while maintaining open communication with our customers. Our commitment is to be a customer-centered company.

Collaborating with top experts in each field, CUCHEN will continue to deliver aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and high-quality kitchen appliances, along with best-in-class services. We strive to be a source of pride for Korea, representing excellence on the global stage.

Thank you.

CUCHEN CEO Park Jae-soon